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Founded in 2002, the Bay State Equine Rescue's mission is to preserve equine integrity through care that provides physical, mental and emotional health. Our focus is the rescue and rehabilitation of equines void of a human advocate, abused, neglected, or abandoned. Our goal is to raise public awareness of equine neglect through regional youth education, legislation, horsemanship education, animal care awareness, and community service opportunities. We are working toward a standard of excellence to create a model which, when duplicated, will unite rescues nationwide to abolish mistreatment and disrespect of horses in this country.

This rescue is very unique - our mission is to preserve equine integrity, but in doing so we also preserve human integrity.


What We Learn from

Our Equine Charges

To be in the presence of a horse is a privilege, an honor. Everyday we learn from the horses that find shelter here at Bay State Equine Rescue. Their strength and courage in the face of tremendous adversity has taught us lessons of acceptance, forgiveness and perseverance.


A good man is concerned about the welfare of his animals   Proverbs 12:10.

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