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Adoption Process

Adoption is a lifetime partnership between you and your horse.
Adoption donation varies for each horse.

Horse care guidelines

Forever Horse

After the rehabilitation of each horse, they will be offered for adoption, to loving, humane homes. Interested parties can apply for adoption.

How to go about adopting one of our family members at BSER:

  1. Contact BSER for an interview and to meet available horses. Scroll down to view adoptable horses.

  2. If you find your forever horse, submit your application with a non-refundable application fee of $100

  3. We will conduct a facility inspection.

  4. You must participate in an equine care clinic.

  5. You must visit the horse a minimum of 3 times before adoption.

  6. After adoption there will be home visits for the next two years.


Please click here for Adoption Application

Please click here for Adoption Contract

Horses Available for Adoption


BSER Avoca


Pryor Mountain Mustang mare, 15 h. DOB 4-1-2003. Avoca was born with sight but soon developed bi-lateral cataracts. Now Avoca has limited sight. She gets around fine at the rescue and volunteers regularly enjoy a ride on her. Avoca will never be a trail horse. She can only be ridden in very familiar surroundings. She does go w/t/c/b, those are her gates. She needs to be ridden with caution. She is a strong, special horse that deserves a good home that understands her limitations. Are you the special someone Avoca is looking for?




A morgan type gelding, approximately 12 yo, DOB 2009, and 14.1h. BSER rescued Noble from a kill pen one day before he would be shipped. Noble is hesitant to welcome new people into his circle. He does relax once he realizes he's safe. He cross ties, good for grooming, vet and farrier. He appears to have some training. We are riding him at a walk/trot and he is responding nicely. We have been told he has driving experience.




A 7 yo, 14.3 h Tennessee walker type.  He has no training.  He is underweight and has rain rot, but, otherwise appears sound and healthy.  He is quiet and skittish.  We have to approach him quietly.  In a few months he should be looking like a new horse. 



A 4 yo stud.  We will geld him immediately.  He is 14.2 h arab type.  He has no training.  He is full of rain rot and significantly underweight.  He needs quite a bit of rehab, but, we are confident his health is going to improve and his personality will come shining through.

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